Our Impact

1 Bag 1 Bottle Program

Every order saves plastics from our oceans. With every kilogram of packaging used, the equivalent of one plastic bottle is saved from reaching our oceans. As well, our compostable poly mailers are made from renewable bioplastic film. They break down into healthy compost, leaving no microplastics. They are durable and waterproof and are available with double adhesive strips for re-use and returns.


Reusing & Recycling Clothing

We pride ourselves on sourcing materials and products from local companies, continuously reimagining fashion styles, and staying true to the real "Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle" mantra. By using thrift & vintage materials, we REDUCE the amount of new fabric and threads used in new pieces. Each dyed piece is REUSED and styled entirely differently. And by using multiple new and old materials, we RECYCLE our inventory and use it to create new products.


Charitable Donations To Toronto Youth

Growing up in Toronto, we always felt like we learned much more from educators and opportunities outside the regular school systems than inside them. This is why we partnered with several local charitable organisations that are heavily involved in developing programs for Toronto youth to participate in entrepreneurial activities and exercises to help develop lifelong skills.

For every product sold, we donate $3 to the Toronto Youth Entrepreneurial Development Program in North York, ON